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I also do Discord + Website Connections.

Discord Labs

I've made the backend bot of this website. It uses MongoDB to connect to the database and manage all bots. I've also made the Approval version of this bot, using discord.js and MongoDB.


For Hack Week 2019, me and 4 other people made the most advanced Moderation Bot, using MongoDB (again), and discord.py, the bot included Auto Mod, Moderation Logging, Verification, Warnings, and a lot more! The bot is available to be self hosted on the GitHub repo with no addit. cost!

Paper Studios [CLOSED]

Made with a express backend, EJS frontend, and a discord.js bot, clients and freelancers could talk to each other to and from the website. They could also place orders from the website, and get email notifications within 2 minutes of the action.

Second Empire Designs

This Discord bot includes Welcome Messages, Ticket Management, and paypal invoicing + the PayPal IPN! The invoicing system is easy to use, all is needed is how much the user is paying, and their email. Once it's paid, the bot will send a notification saying that the balance has been paid.


Small discord bot for a community server, includes welcome messages and rule agreements using reaction roles.

Space Shuttle

Discord bot for the community Lunar, has ticket Management, transcripts, and welcome messages.

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